GxEPD2_PP : Particle Display Library for SPI E-Paper Displays


Hi Norfeldt, I think you misunderstood my post.

An example is there for users to learn from and adapt to their needs.
I thought you could easily find out if there exists something similar to WiFiClient for Particle, or get help for this in this forum. I do not decline to help you, but you could start with searching on Particle.



I have started a topic in this forum to get help for me to help:


There are numerous httpclients in the library and now httpsclients so strike requirement 1.

I have done a HTTP download to an SD card of a .bmp file but never got around to getting it to work for HTTPS.

It should be possible to combine the GxEPD2_WiFi_Example (where all the hard work in processing the .bmp format to write to the EPD has been done by Jean-Marc) with the httpsclient to get something that can would on the Particle platform.


Version 1.1.0+

  • added GxEPD2_PP_WiFi_Example, for bitmap download from web
  • only download from http: works, would need help for https:
  • only on GitHub, to avoid the need to increase the version for publish
  • this is preliminary!


Your example code has been a big help for me and I have used it to print the quotations with different colors.

It’s just that this example is over 1300 lines of code and I’m not so good at Arduino code at this level - I’m much stronger with JavaScript.

I thought that it would be too big of a question to ask for help with this example on the community - since it would essentially be “can you help me to code this for me?”.


I don’t know your exact requirements, but maybe you just need the function showBitmapFrom_HTTP() from the GxEPD2_PP_WiFi_Example to start with.


You are right, that seems like a good start.

I was thinking of using Firebase storage to host the .bmp files (and Firebase functions to do the conversion from .jpg to .bmp via JIMP) - that would use HTTPS.

But just to get some experience your example would be an excellent start.