Waveshare 1.54 epaper display

I have tried to get a ver2 Waveshare 1.54 display to work with the example in the GxEPD2_PP library with no success. I was wondering if anyone has been successful with that library and the example within the library with a ver2 display? I am using a Photon with the display connected to the pins in the example.

Hi @jstobaugh - What issues are you having with the GxEPD2_PP library? Are there any errors?

I believe the great @ZinggJM created that library but he doesn’t hang around these forums much so you may want to reach out on github for any library specific questions.

The library compiles without errors but the display doesn’t work. I verified the pins are correct and do see activity on the pins when I power it up. I only have a voltmeter so I can’t verify the data is happening at the correct time.

Hi @jstobaugh, @Colleen,

yes, I am not active on this forum. I am too busy with personal things and with my libraries for Arduino.
And I am active on the Arduino Forum Displays and my main topic Waveshare e-paper displays with SPI.

The GxEPD2_PP was my first attempt of a port to Particle, thanks to a Photon I got donated from a user.
But GxEPD2_PP was no longer updated, because I achieved to have GxEPD2 as common source for Arduino and Particle.
However, GxEPD2 became too big to be usable with the Particle WEB-IDE.
I did no longer test updates with my Photon, and finally removed Particle specific entries from its libraries.properties. Any library developer on Particle should be able to add these back.

The actual panel used by Waveshare is supported with GxEPD2.


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@ZinggJM Thanks for the response. @Colleen it appears to me the GxEPD2 library in Workbench is actually the GxEPD2_PP library. Maybe someone could verify what I am seeing is the case or not.

Version 1.1.9

  • last version for GxEPD2_PP
  • corresponds to GxEPD2 Version 1.2.0
  • please use GxEPD2 for new projects

It doesn’t have support for
GDEH0154D67 1.54" b/w 200x200, SSD1681, replacement for GDEP015OC1

Thanks again for your response.

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