GxEPD2 : Display Library for SPI E-Paper Displays available for Particle


It supports SPI e-paper displays from Dalian Good Display and the display boards from Waveshare that use these display panels.

This library replaces the GxEPD2_PP variant of GxEPD2, as the GxEPD2 library for Arduino is suitable for Particle also, just the examples need to be different.

This topic is intended for asking questions, reporting problems and issues, and hopefully telling your successful use of these displays. But the preferred place to ask questions to the author is in the Arduino Forum Displays topics:



The library is published for Particle and its repository is on GitHub:


The examples for Particle are in this folder on GitHub:


These examples replace the Arduino examples in the published library for Particle.
Do the same if you want to upload a private copy, as the published version may lag behind the Arduino version on GitHub.

Note that this library may not be usable with the Particle WEB-IDE, most likely because of too many files contained.

GxEPD2_PP : Particle Display Library for SPI E-Paper Displays

Thanks for your support here @ZinggJM !!!