GxEPD2_PP : Particle Display Library for SPI E-Paper Displays


// mapping suggestion from Waveshare SPI e-Paper to Particle Photon
// A5 MOSI
// A4 MISO
// A3 SCK
// A2 SS
// BUSY -> D4, RST -> A0, DC -> A1, CS -> A2, CLK -> A3, DIN -> A5, GND -> GND, 3.3V -> 3.3V
// NOTE: it looks like MISO can’t be used as general input pin for BUSY.

// NOTE: it looks like MISO can’t be used as general input pin for BUSY.

It works with my Photon, if I use the constructor from my example:

GxEPD2_BW<GxEPD2_290, GxEPD2_290::HEIGHT> display(GxEPD2_290(/CS=A2/ SS, /DC=/ A1, /RST=/ A0, /BUSY=/ D4));

If BUSY doesn’t work, transfer from graphics buffer to controller buffer may fail, causing the effect.

You should always observe diagnostic output in Serial Monitor, but this doesn’t work well with Particle, as it disconnects from USB during upload.

I don’t like this environment.


One way to deal with that would be using an autoconnecting terminal or

particle serial monitor --follow


Thank you for your answer. But I am really not fluent with Particle use, so at first sight I don’t understand

particle serial monitor --follow

But ok, this is for a command window, a command to Particle CLI.


Please note that I will no longer watch this topic (muted), as I don’t like to get alarmed by e-mails.
I simply do not have the capacity to support e-paper use on more than one environment.
Use the Arduino Forum Display for any question concerning my libraries, and I will try to answer there.


Not sure if this serves any point as the author has effectively killed this thread.

But for the record switching BUSY to D4 fixed my initial clearing issue, not that this helps me too much as my PCBs are already fabbed using A4.


Sucks he stopped working on this platform.

So what device and display were you having issues with exactly?


I don’t think he actually meant he’d stop working on it, he’s just not actively monitoring this thread anymore.
Instead he invites people to tag him on the Arduino forum instead - and I suppost he’ll still monitor his GitHub repo


I took that as he only plans on working on the Arduino library and does not have the Time or desire to support the Particle platform any longer.

So it sounds to me like we will just have to solve any Arduino library to Particle library issues ourself unless he has a change of heart :heart:


Yes, I just only randomly take a look at this thread. I also have disabled issues on all my GitHub repositories, as they were also used for asking questions, ignoring my issue template.


GxEPD2 should be usable also for Particle. There is an example for Particle in the extras folder on GitHub.
I will publish GxEPD2 for Particle from time to time, but you can also just upload GxEPD2 as a private library (delete the examples folder first, and replace it with the example folder from extras/Particle).


I will update GxEPD2_PP one last time, after I have done the next version of GxEPD2.
Thereafter GxEPD2_PP will no longer be supported.

I think I will start a new thread for GxEPD2 in this forum, as soon as the next version of GxEPD2 is ready.


This thread is discontinued by the author/creator. It is replaced by:

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