E-ink Display doesnt Work

i bought an E-ink Display from Wafeshare after Playin with my 16x2 LCD
but it doesnt work at all.

// This #include statement was automatically added by the Particle IDE.
#include <Adafruit_GFX.h>
#include <PL_microEPD.h>

#define EPD_RST     A1
#define EPD_BUSY    A0
#define EPD_CS      A3

PL_microEPD display(EPD_CS, EPD_RST, EPD_BUSY);  

void setup() 
    SPI.begin();                    // SPI-Bus initialisation
    display.begin();                // Paperino ePaper initialisation and refresh screen 
    display.println("Hello World!");// Write message into memory buffer
    display.update();               // Trigger a full image update

void loop() 

i doubt the 3-Way SPI is configured correctly.
Pls help

Is that library even meant for WaveShare modules?

Posting a link for the exact hardware you use would be a habit to develop :wink:
There are UART modules and SPI modules - which one do you have?


PL_microEPD supports 1.1" ePaper displays from Plastic Logic but no Waveshare EPD modules.

For driving the 4.3" waveshare ePaper with a Photon this link might be useful: Arduino E-Paper Display Library Port


Particle Photon and a 200x200 Wafeshare E-ink Display

/Edit @RobP but the Shared App Links in the other post dont work anymore
AND how do i get the Library in the Online Particle Build Thingy ?

@redinvader, have you got the display working yet?

I just received my Waveshare 2.9" Module B and got it to work right out the box with the code provided by Waveshare.
Just for esthetics I’ve slightly reworked the library to support alternative HW SPI interfaces (a SW SPI may be following)

Do you see how one can supply useful links to the actual hardware and code?
I guess yours is this
and the code is here

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Wow, this the first I have seen E ink displays with multiple colors in multiple sizes for reasonable pricing.

So does anything special need to be done to display bitmap images?

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Depends what you consider “special” :wink:

  • send the bitmap for the dark areas
  • send the bitmap for the red areas
  • tell the display to refresh
  • done

Just wondering if all it takes is a bitmap array the same as the Adafruit OLED displays to display bmp images in RED or Black. I guess looking at the code would tell me.

Does the refresh time really take 8 seconds?

Yup, the contrast seems to be gradually increased by multiple refresh cycles (all handled by the display itself after one refresh command).


Upload a video if you’re up to the task. E ink is an interesting technology.

What’s that supposed to mean :sunglasses:

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Just wasn’t sure if you wanted to do the whole Youtube upload process. :smile:

Thanks for the video, gives people a clear understanding of what the refresh process looks like.

If you need quicker refresh updates then the Sharp Memory LCD’s are the next step up for an ultra-low always ON display solution.

These e-ink displays are certainly reasonably priced.

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@ScruffR Not sure if you saw this or not.


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And another Waveshare Eink display project:


I guess @redinvader has lost interest :wink:

@ScruffR @peekay123

Thought you may find this interesting about the Wave Share Modules being refreshed quickly.


@ScruffR Can you provide some code and connection for the pins? :slight_smile:

Have you tried the samples in the library?

The wiring is straight forward

// CLK A3;
// DIN A5

// rest custom
const int pRESET = A0;
const int pDC    = A1;
const int pCS    = A2;
const int pBUSY  = D7;

Epd   epd(SPI, pCS, pDC, pRESET, pBUSY);

@krister.johansson, has this helped? Would be nice to respond when you get help from the community.

How I like that, people asking for help but not bothering to respond when the got the solution presented :grimacing:

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Hi guys,

I just received my 1.54" waveshare display and I am trying to set it up. It seems that this link doesn’t work anymore (https://build.particle.io/libs/WaveshareEPaper29b/0.0.1/tab/example/EPaper29b.ino).

Reading this thread I am not sure if someone managed to use this device or should I start from scratch. I tried downloading the Arduino code from Waveshare but couldn’t (yet) adapt it to work with the photon.

Thank you!

Doh’ :flushed: I never published the library - silly me, but you were the first to point this out, thanks :+1:
Try now.

It’s not the 1.54 but in this post you can see a video of my 2.9b running

For that I didn’t have to really change anything to make it work although I considerably decluttered and (IMO) streamlined for my own “esthetic sanity”.
The stock lib was unfortunately not written very portable for different screen sizes and aspect ratios, hence you may need to just grab that to build upon.

What issues are you having?