Green flashing LED with fully-charged battery on shield

Just testing out my new cores (super fun, btw), and wanted to do a remote battery-powered test. I charged a battery to green on the battery shield, but when I plug it into my core, the core just rapidly flashes green and stays that way. Help docs say this is that it can’t connect to wifi. This core has successfully connected to wifi powered via USB from the same physical location (~8 feet away from router).

Is this related to the issue with the battery shield? If so, per the email update, which capacitor do I need to unsolder to make it work? Or, should I just wait until the new shields arrive?


Yep, that’s the issue. If you de-solder C2, it should work as expected. If you are looking at the bottom of the shield (the side with all the components), there are three components in a row, oriented vertically; C2 is the middle component.

That worked! Thanks much. :slight_smile: