Battery not working

Hi guys,

I just received my rewards and that is really great, eager to start I’m already testing and learning about it.

When I plugged the Battery shield to the battery and to the USB cable (connected to my Mac) the three led’s lighted up (green, yellow and blue).
I leaved it connected for a few minutes and decided to test into the core. I unplugged the shield from the USB cable and plugged to the Spark Core, nothing happened.

So I’ve tried to leave a bit more time “charging” the battery, but after that I had no luck also.

Anyone have an idea on the issue?


All three lights come on the board when you hook it up with the battery? The center light should indicate the battery is done charging, so if that’s coming on right away something is wrong.

Do you have a multimeter handy to check the battery’s voltage?

Hello timb,

Yes, I’ve tested with my multimeter and it says 2.58 volts.

Kind Regards,
Felipe Plets

Post a picture or video of this happening if you can.

Sounds like you might have this problem: