Flashing Cyan

0 - put into DFU mode
1- "particle keys doctor"
it restarts automatically
2- put back into DFU mode
3- “particle keys server”

Still flashing cyan forever.

Flashing cyan or flashing cyan with red burst?
Got a video of the flashing and you did add your device ID?

Yes I typed the device_id the command particle keys doctor <device id> in fact it doesnt let you continue if you dont provide a device_id.

It stays cyan only forever, no red burst. Sometimes but very occasionally I get a orange burst, but I cant replicate a orange burst at will, havent seen it for a while.

Video: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMGoHZljNu0/

So your device can connect to your WiFi, but can’t connect to the Particle cloud.
Can you make sure your firewall has the CoAP port 5683 open and can access api.particle.io?

It was working perfectly fine, I was loading code and everything. Then suddenly in one of those it started behaving like that. I didnt change anything in my router. This is a very odd behaviour that happened out of doing nothing. I also tried using my iPhone 4G hotspot… same behaviour.

I also do PostMan requests to the particle api from my wifi connected macbook, and it is working fine (I mean I get timeout response because my device is not connected, but it works) so I dont think is firewall blocked or anything.

My dashboard says last connection from this CORE : Oct 28th 2016 at 3:12 am
It was working fine while I was working with it… it just suddenly stop working. Cyan forever/

Oh… now that you mention CORE:

[Spark core] Common issues try the blinking green steps.

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OHHH… MY GAAAAAD… :joy: :laughing:
That worked… I loaded the tinker 0.5.3 version. Which I tried before… but it was the cc3000 thingy that made it work.
Im a kickstarter supporter since the Core and now the Electron too.

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