Fast yellow flashing with brief medium cyan flashing

Seems to connect to WiFi OK (flash green / solid green) but then after a brief white flash it goes into fast flashing yellow for about 20 secs interspersed with medium cyan flashing for about 4 secs and then fast cyan for about 1 sec before back to yellow fast. Sometimes I end up in continuous medium flash cyan. iOS app doesn’t locate it and I can’t manually claim it either.

I was trying to ascertain if it was successfully getting a DHCP address - how do I know the MAC address ? Or any of the manufacturers fixed allocation part of the MAC would help. Does a failed DHCP acquisition give a special light sequence ? [edit] It did successfully get a DHCP address… for anyone else looking the MAC starts 08-00-28- for Texas Instruments

I don’t think I’m quite the same as the other categories of problem posts (flash orange) - or am I ? Is a factory reset something I should try ?


I’m having a similar issue. Thanks for the MAC address info.

Here’s another forum post that might help, from @Dave

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Hi @xAPPO,

I think ghchinoy is right. If you’re up for it, that thread has instructions on how to get you back on track, or you can email me directly at if you have other questions or if instructions are missing. I’m really bummed that a handful of cores left the factory like this, but I’m working on a tool that should make recovering and changing keys more painless.


having the same issue with one of my cores. Will try to reflash it over USB.

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