Weird light order

Ok so my wifi kicked my core off the network earlier and it failed to reconnect. After rebooting is did a very strange light order I hadnt seen before

It got to flashing green
Slow flashing cyan
Rapid flashing cyan
Rapid flashing red (I mean extremely fast)
Then to breathing cyan

Whats the rapid red? As its not in the docs; and it was continuos flashing. I am wondering if it was an update perhaps?


Hi @bigjme,

If it was flashing orange, then that usually means a handshake encryption error. If your core has more than one unverified public key on the server, it will cycle through them until it finds one that works with your core. So sometimes brand new cores, or cores with multiple keys can cycle between fast cyan and orange until it finds one that works and resolves to breathing cyan. If your core has been breathing previously, I would chalk it up to a packet error during the handshake.


Ok thanks. It was a dark red rather then orange which was what confused me. There is only 1 network with this name so it only had one to test. And was flashing red for about 1 minute then straight to breathing cyan

Hmm… That is weird. Officially there are two “solid red flash” modes when things are normal “2 blinks” and “3 blinks”. If I remember correctly 2 blinks means it can’t hit the internet at all (google), and 3 blinks means it can’t hit the cloud server specifically.

This was constant, and faster then the blue flashing when the internet goes off.

This has been connected for 3 days now, and its the first time I saw it