Failed to claim device: Device limit reached

We get an error message Failed to claim device: Device limit reached - altough we only use 1650/1800 devices. Any advice on how to fix this?


Is this device already in the org? If claiming prior to importing the device into an org product it will claim against the sandbox limit of 100 devices.

No the device is not claimed before. Tried more than one - non of them claimed before.

Your account currently has 106/100 devices claimed (Particle | Billing). You should import the device into a product prior to running the claim command. Until it's imported it will count against your Sandbox, and not the org.

Thank you. That explains it hopefully. We have had the same script for claiming for the last 1000 units so has there been a change in the setup?

We have removed some devices from the console but not unclaimed them - I guess this is the reason? I will proceed to unclaim them and see if this solves the problem.

That's probably it - I'm assuming your sandbox was near it's limit.
The preferred order is to import/add to product, and then claim - that way the device can be offline at the time it's claimed as well.

Hi - How can I see the units that's ended in our sandbox by us removing them from the console without unclaiming them also? We don't have any devices (as far as I know) in our sandbox that have been deliberately added to it.


Sandbox Only contains all your Sandbox only devices.
Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 18.28.43 has a little checkbox.

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