Cannot claim photon

I have 2 photons, brand new out of the box, setup works fine and connects to my Wi-Fi and then to the cloud (breathing cyan) but they’re not showing up in my device list. I’ve tried going through the app again, and claiming the device through the web IDE by getting the device ID (particle identify) then entering that in, and it comes back with “Could not claim device”. I’ve looked through the forum and several people have this problem but usually it falls back on the device being claimed to a product or not being able to transfer ownership. Mine aren’t able to be claimed from the start. Any ideas?

Are the devices breathing cyan while trying to claim them?

You could also try

particle device add <deviceID>

maybe this provides additional information about the reason.

You know, I didn’t specifically pay attention to that. Let me do it again, right now one is blinking blue as I was getting the device ID.

In order to claim the device the cloud needs to get in contact with it - which only is possible while breathing cyan or magenta.

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That took care of one, the other has a keys error (rapid changes with red burst), I’m in the middle of installing the CLI on this computer, I’ll have to get back here with the update.

Hmmmm I have an issue, fresh install of CLI using the windows installer and it says “open ssl is not recognized as an internal or external command”. I’ll have to get back to this.

Try logging out and in of Windows. The PATH variable might not be updated in the current session. Especially if you open a cmd/powershell session before the installation these sessions will hold on to the old environment (variables) for their whole lifetime. Close the session and open a new one to refresh the environment.

I tried closing it, making sure I log out first, opening a new instance in cmd and logging back in, same issue. Is there a page that shows the latest CLI version? I’m showing v1.27.0, just want to make sure I got the latest.

Yup, 1.27.0 is latest.
If you had OpenSSL ticked on install, you should be able to find it on your harddrive and add the path manually to the PATH environment variable.
Or you just cd into the respective folder (or open cmd from there via SHIFT+ :mouse_three_button: right click and the respective menu item which could be Powershell too) and execute the command from there.

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I uninstalled everything on this computer having to do with OpenSSL, then reinstalled using the Particle CLI installer, still didn’t work. When I was uninstalling, it asked “are you sure you want to uninstall OpenSSL-light-32?” <— not exact quote, but this is a 64 bit computer, is there a 64 bit version or a driver file I need to place?

32bit or 64bit should not matter, but have you tried what I suggested before uninstalling?

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Hey ScruffR, thanks for the help on this, I haven’t been able to get back on it and I’m not able to take company boards home. I’ll get back on this as soon as possible.