Emit compiler warnings

It appears that “particle compile” only emits warnings if later followed by an error. It may be useful to ship the entire build log down to the client even if the exit codes from the compiler were ok.

Sorry for posting so much today, but I figure this kind of stuff might be useful feedback for you guys. If there is a better way to provide it than the forums, please let me know.

No worries about that one, constructive feedback is always more than welcome!
If it’s something the community can help with, do something about, or provide feedback on, then the forums are probably the way to go. If it’s a bug report, a specific feature request, or something only Particle can fix, then Github might be good. That said, you can then still create a community topic if you’d like further discussion/input, as long as you provide a link to said github so we don’t have two separate conversations about the same thing.

I’m curious, how you imagine this happening? A text file download? A popup with the output? What user experience would you prefer?

You are already emitting error messages to my terminal. Only asking for the warning messages to be emitted always, not just when the build fails.

I think what @jernstlun said is a good idea. I would like to have that for Particle dev. I am not sure not if linux CLI shows the warning messages right now but having the whole output in the Particle dev woould be great.
If not possible, as a file would be useful, we can open it with sublime/notepad++… this is even better if the list is too long, you can have half screen with code, half screen with warnings.

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In the times before modular building of system and user code, all the code was compiled in one shot and there were lots of warnings in the system code that users complained about having to see all the time.

With modular builds of just the user code, this reason has largely gone away. I would think that a user control to see or not the log would be good. It could easily be a separate “tab” in the IDE so you could scroll back to as you like.

You can also build locally, running gcc on your computer, and get any and all output you want.


One ugly workaround I sometimes use is to add a deliberat error to just cause the output.
But having control over the warning level would be nice.