Navigating compiler errors in Particle Dev Atom

If I click the compile button in Particle Dev, it sens my files to the build farm and returns a list of compiler errors.

As far as I know, the only way to view these compiler errors is to click on the red exclamation point message in the bottom of the Atom tray.

This brings up a search window with the errors listed, that allows you to search through the errors.

Clicking on one of the errors closes this compiler error list and brings you to the exact location in the sourcecode where the error originated.

This is kinda nice because on one hand it saves me from manually navigating to that spot in the sourcecode to fix the error, however on the other hand it also closes the list of compiler errors, forcing me to click on the exclamation point message again to re-open the list of compiler errors once I’ve fixed the first one. What’s more, the list doesn’t remember where you were when you last had it open, and defaults to the top of the list (even though I just fixed that error and want to view the next error now). This is particularly annoying when you have dozens of errors to fix.

Is there a way to navigate from one compiler error to the next one using Atom command line? If so, I can set up a keybinding to do so and save myself this headache.

As of right now, I’m going to continue compiling using Particle CLI because at least it outputs a static text list of compiler errors that I can work through from top to bottom without losing my spot (even if I still have to manually navigate to that error in my source code).

This is close to being a useful Particle-Dev feature, but right now only seems useful if you have less than 5 compiler errors.

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I guess there’s no way to do this…

While I use atom to edit my projects, I actually compile using the CLI. The main reason that I do that is to identify compiler warnings that are not shown when you compile using the Atom plugin, and to get a workable output to go back and do edits (as you are trying to accomplish). If I get a clen compile, I’ll often introduce an error just to see if there are no warnings!

So, I keep a terminal window open (press the up button on my mac keyboard for the last command) and when the compiler complains, look at each error and line number side-by-side wth my code. I can deal with the warnings as well, and with my mac I can scroll the terminal without having to put focus on that window (I’m just not sure about doing that on a PC).

If you are able to get to a “jump to” macro written, I’d like to see that!

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I also use this same workflow at the moment, and I blame it for my squinty eyes and headaches, as its not exactly easy to visually parse compiler errors from a command terminal…

I mean, it seems like it would be easy to get a keyboard shortcut for walking through each compiler error working since Particle Dev already has a list with locations of compiler errors loaded into memory and displayable on the Atom compiler search errors window that opens…

I’m afraid I don’t have the time to dig into it at the moment (plus don’t know how to write atom packages yet).

Another (preferable) alternative to this would be if Particle could integrate Particle Dev with a Linter for GCC as I detailed in this other post. If that were the case, then you’d see each error/warning as you are writing code in real time and this problem would be moot.


Particle is currently assessing a rework of all IDEs with a more holistic approach but there is no ETA yet.

@BulldogLowell, you can use terminal-plus to get a terminal inside of your atom session.

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