Error message on IDE (Dev)


I just switched to Particle from Arduino. I am really attracted to the connectivity capabilities of the board. I, however, don’t feel the same toward the IDE. I am using the desktop IDE and the way it highlights errors is frustrating! It keeps showing me the message “compiler timed out or encountered an error” without providing a single information about that error; not even the line where the error has occurred! Furthermore, when click on the message a dialog box appears to tell me “there were no compile errors.” I am sure there is a very simple mistake in my code that I will probably end up putting my hands on, but someone got to fix this. The Arduino IDE is way better and, if they end up making a similar board to photon, I might never get back here.

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I think this is a recent bug that is being fixed by the next Particle DEV software release.

The Particle DEV program does point out errors just like the Arduino IDE does it’s just the bug that is preventing the normal operation. Hang in there while they fix this.

I’m using an older version of Particle DEV I’m not seeing these issues.

I’ve been having this problem for weeks and it sucks. Where can we get this older version of Dev that still shows errors?

Last time I used the Dev IDE (yesterday), it looked liked the problem has been solved; the IDE did show actual errors. Before that, I would take my code to the WEB IDE and compile it over there as the WEB IDE does not have this same issue.

I’ve found that the CLI will also give you good compiler error info as well as a temporary workaround.