Electron doesn't show in device manager - No serial port identified

I guess I screwed up my installation somehow. I’m running an Electron (it’s connected to the cellular network ok and I can flash programs using the IDE). I want to be able to flash code from my Windows 7 machine. I run “particle flash --serial firmware.bin” from the command line. It pauses for a while then instructs me to hold the setup button until it blinks blue (which I did) then I press enter and it says “! serial: No serial port identified.” In the device manager I see the Electron under “libusbK USB Devices” … I don’t see anything under COM & LPT ports (related to the electron). I tried using zadig-2.3.exe to troubleshoot and somehow screwed it up… Sure would appreciate some help. Thanks in advance.

In this case you must have told Windows to use the wrong driver for the Electron USB Serial device.
Just go back to DevMgr, update driver and manually select the correct ones.