Electron cant connect to the cloud [Solved]

My eletron never ending green blink.
My device id is 4b0027000951343334363138
My IMEI is 352253061140348
My ICCID is 8982051407604402145
My system firmware version is 0.4.8.
Antenna is connected
Battery connected
Sim is activated.
I use 3rd sim.
Any other suggestion for me would be greatly appreciated.

I guess this means a 3rd party SIM, so have you set the APN in your code?

If you had gone through https://setup.particle.io you should have got some info about how to use 3rd party SIMs.

yes, i try it.
but my eletron device is not register.
How can i build it and flash it?

If it’s not showing up in your account, you haven’t completed all the steps of https://setup.particle.io/ (correctly)

Is your Electron breathing cyan?
If so you can claim your device via CLI or Particle Build. You just need to get the device ID (via CLI or any serial terminal program)

thank you very much!!