Electron 3g u270 in nz

hi guys

I have an electron its in kind of a remote area, I can get reception on my phone,but have no idea how to see it on the electron
I have had my electron working for about a month and it had its last hand shake on the 29th july,
now I cant see it, it took a little bit for it to connect the first time I set it up in its location not sure now if it resets itself every so often and its dropped the signal - as it was working for a month

is there a different aerial I can use to boost signal or any other ideas as it hasn’t moved location,
also I cant check the unit as its in a different area

thanks karl

Yes, a different antenna can help in fringe areas.

The Electron comes with a Taoglas PCB Antenna. It is possible to use the Electron with other antennas, however.

Note: If you are building a product, there may be additional considerations if you use an antenna of a different type or a higher gain than the Taoglas antenna. This may require additional testing for certification.

The Electron comes with a u.FL connector. Most GSM antennas require an SMA connector. A small adapter can be purchased:
At Adafruit, you can get this adapter. At SparkFun this adapter. At Amazon this adapter.

Once you have an SMA connector, you can most cellular phone antennas. For example, I use this antenna from Amazon which is about 4" long and has a magnetic mount to improve reception in fringe areas.


Thanks rickkas7

Yes correct i do have the taoglas antenna,

What you suggested looks simple and easy and hopefully a good gain in signal strength.

Is there a was of testing or seeing the reception that is received by the electron?

You would be surprised what you can find in the docs
For example this Cellular.RSSI()