Extending Electron 3G Signal

Hi guys!

I know very little about radio, and before I dive in, I wanted to ask for some insight from the community.

I would like to use Electrons to record sensor data and send it home. Unfortunately, the areas I need to deploy them are outside of cell coverage. Not far, usually within a mile of where a cell phone would have coverage.

Is there any way to use a better antenna to boost the signal without requiring a stronger transmitter? Would this provide any significant gains? How about in mountainous areas? If the Electron is in a fixed position, would a yagi or other directional antenna provide any significant extension of coverage?

I understand that antennas can provide additional gain, especially if they are directional. But I don’t understand the technicalities of 3g frequencies nor the Electron’s hardware well enough to know whether it’s possible to obtain a 3g signal in locations where the stock antenna cannot.

Thanks in advance!

Sure, plenty can be done to improve the range by using the right antenna (and orienting it correctly), assuming you have some flexibility on mounting. There are many different kinds of antennas, including highly directional ones that you can essentially point at the nearest cell tower (assuming it’s not in a vehicle). But even with conventional omni-directional antennas, just getting some height will do the trick (the higher, the better, while trying to avoid any physical barriers like buildings and trees.

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