[SOLVED] Will the antenna that came with my Electron improve my Photon WiFi reception?

Hi, can I use the antenna that I got with my Electron (taoglas PC104) to improve the Wifi connectivity of a Photon? I noticed that the Photon has a connector, and I’d like to improve the Photon’s wifi connectivity as much as possible.

If so, do I have to insert any additional code to enable it?

Hope this question isn’t too naive : )


No worries about the question, that’s what we’re here for! Unfortunately the antenna that came with the Electron is a cellular antenna and isn’t compatible with the Photon since it’s WiFi only. You can find loads of uFL that work with Wifi though, we even have some on our store here.

Let me know if you have any other questions!



thanks Kevin!

I’m interested to experiment with adding a uFL antenna, but that store link isn’t working for me.

Sorry about that, must have done something wrong. This should work, the antenna are on that page.


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