Best Wifi Extended Antenna for Photon

Hello everyone,

I am looking to buy an extended wifi antenna for my photon. I was thinking of buying this one, but I still have doubts.

  1. I am fairly new with the photon, and I am unaware of how much larger in radius the photon will be able to connect cleanly to the wifi with this antenna. I see 2.4 GHz, but I am unaware of what this number means in relation to the frequency of the photon, which I do not know after looking through the schematic. So an antenna with an extremely large radius to the wifi router is a must. In fact, the larger the better!
  2. I am looking to instal this is a smaller device using the P1 board. How do I install the antenna to the P1 board?

Thank you for your help,

Jeff, any antenna for 2.4GHz will work it needs a tail/wire with a uFL connector. There are many suppliers: Molex, TE connectivity, etc. The P1 has a uFL connector.

Thank you, how much will a 2.4GHz antenna extend the wifi coverage and connection of the P1 board by?

Hello! I’ve been using these on my devices for some time with great results. A lot cheaper than the Particle supplied ones. Plus Amazon Prime shipping, so way cheaper there as well.

The RF gain is typically 3.5 to 4 dB which does not sound much but is actually quite useful, I have found that setting the antenna to external and fitting one of these antennas to be a worthwhile investment to improve connectivity.

Thank you. Just want to double check, would this antenna work just as well??

They should do. Look to be attractive price!

Thank you then. I really appreciate your help!