Downloaded Particle and now photon Won't light up

I downloaded and set up wifi on particle now my photon won’t light up and I have no idea what to do with it and can’t figure it out. Is their an easy explanation to this I am missing?

Could you elaborate on what you mean by ‘downloading’. Have you tried pressing the reset button on your Photon?

Hey! Thanks for reaching out. I downloaded the Particle app onto my iPhone and followed the instructions the app have to connect the photon to wifi. After I did this it became blank. (Blank as in not lighting up at all, prior to this it was going through demos of different light shows) I have hit reset underneath the cube and nothing changed. I have also hit different buttons on the app d7 as it recommended and it lights up underneath the unit but no LEDs inside the cube light up. Thanks again

With this “cube” thing going on, can I assume you’re talking about the L3D cube? If so, and the D7 LED lights up from the app, that might indicate that you’d need to flash it with the appropriate firmware, since it appears to be running Tinker (the default factory firmware)
I haven’t got a L3D cube, but I can imagine they have some kind of interface/guide to tell you how/what to flash(?)