L3D Cube Flashing green led

I Had…a working L3D cube and went to change the display. Reset the device using the buttons. Now the unit will not connect to wifi. Downloaded putty and Particle CLI and have run setup and doctor and it flows through the steps. After I insert the wifi ssid and credentials it says now rebooting and connecting to the cloud. This never seems to happen just a fast green light starts blinking. If I unplug the power and plug back in a slow white color blinks.
I have used the particle app and it fails on the last point to claim the unit. I have also tried to claim unit with particle io with no avail.

So two issues.

  1. The unit seems to never connect to the network
  2. Using IOS app unit fails on the last point.

Now particle io shows no devices.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to get this back online.

@ParticleD, or @mstanley are you able to assist?

Thanks Kyle ! Dave from Particle is working with me to resolve these issues.