New to the Cube, and now my cube wont power on

SO I got my 8x8x8 in yesterday, and it worked fine until I started messing with codes. Now, the Proton is on and responsive, but the cube itself wont power on. Could use a little knowledge here.

What cube are you talking about??

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the L3d Led Cube.

Can you just load the default code for it again and start back from the beginning with working code?

I would like to, but as I am very new, I’m not sure where to find the default code, much less SAVE the code in Spark properly. If you have a link to this code, I’ll try it.

How were you messing with the code? Via the Particle Web IDE?

Correct, I was trying to load some of the user created codes in and then it just stopped working. I admit I was just clicking around haphazardly.

The library for the cube is in the Library on the IDE you were messing with.

Import this code or just copy this code and replace the code you messed up and then flash the Photon with the new code and you should be up and running again.

Thank you so much! If I have any problems flashing it back into service (I’m not 100% on how to do that quite yet) I will reply back! Cheers!!

Is the Photon breathing Cyan? or something else?

You may need to put the Photon into SafeMode by holding the RESET & Mode button at the same time and then letting go of the reset button while holding the mode button until you see the LED on the photon flash magenta color. Then it should connect to Wifi and run no code and then it will be ready for you to upload the new code.

No, it’s staying BLUE and is connected to Wifi.

I did try the setup-reset method but didn’t really know what I was doing. When you say FLASH, could you give me a little walk through…sorry so new and need the fundamentals.

YEEES! It worked. Thank you so much!!! BOOM!

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So for future reference, If I want to load a user-made code in, I paste it into the Particle Web IDE and flash it?

Yes, Something like that.

Here is their github instructions page.

Not sure exactly how you paste in the new animations but it should tell you how to go about doing that.

The cube looks sweet, I need to get one of those when I have some extra cash to blow.

Awesome! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me. I found this for 50$ on Facebook Marketplace yesterday. A hell of a DEAL!

Yes, great deal! The Photon is $20 alone.