Delivery to UK via UPS Innovations

Hi all,

I’m one of the “lucky” ones who’s nearly got his Photons. Last hurdle is UPS or whomever the delivery company is in the UK. Packages are been sent via UPS Innovations who from my understanding pick up the package then send the items via another courier. The problem is you only get the UPS tracking number so have no idea who is trying to deliver the items or how to contact them.

Two delivery attempts so far and a false delivered. No “sorry we missed you” card or any indication a courier has been. Does anyone in the UK know who’s delivering these on UPS’s behalf?


Yesterday I received a card from Royal Mail that import tax / duty and their fee needed to be paid before I could collect the item. I don’t believe the previous delivery attempts were correct. I ordered two photons totaling $48 and the import duty was £12 including Royal Mails £8 charge.

The good news is they both work. Loving the super quick firmware update!! :smile: