What went wrong with delivery methods?

This summer i received my preordered Photon in Paris and i’m pretty sure that delivery was half the price of Photon.
Now i try to order another one but there are only two options - “UPS Worldwide Expedited” for 52 USD and “UPS Saver (1 business day)” for 54 USD. It appears to me that these prices are bit … ehmm… insane.
What if i don’t need new Photon tomorrow but in two weeks and i know that it will be delivered undamaged?

BTW. I’we bought one from local seller amazon for 35 euros which is ~2 times cheaper.

You could try some of these
Resellers in Europe?

Oh i see. I searched for existing topics but didn’t seen this one. Well, that solves my issues. At least two sellers have Photon in stock for 30-35 euros (inc. delivery)