Core orange (red green, not red yellow) LED breathing

Hey guys,
Hope all is well.
I see in the forums a flashing orange (yellow/red) is a bad handshake.
I’m not seeing flashing yellow red, instead I see breathing red green (using a spark core 1.0). Any ideas what this could be?
I’m thinking its not getting enough power to connect to wifi as it works fine when I connect to a USB battery pack. Does this sound right?

I get this when I try powering it with 2 CR2025 batteries as well as when I try powering it with 3 LR44 batteries

If so–follow up question I’m trying to fit my core and batteries into a small bottle opener, any suggestions for batteries I can use that will provide enough power? What min specs do they need? I may post this separately as well as its a bit different from the original question.

Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it.

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