Constant blue blinking led

Hi, I recently purchased a Photon 2 processor and started to configure the processor. What I get is a constant blue flashing led. This is not my first attempt at configuring a system. I have an electron processor that’s been running for 5 years so I somewhat familiar with the technology.

The most common cause for this is that the device has no WiFi credentials stored.
It might be that you already entered some but they didn't stick - e.g. because the device could never gain proper access to the network.


Hi Unfortunately I never got that far. When I start the installation process it tells me that it can’t find any devises. I also purchased an Argonne processor a couple of months ago and it had the same problem. I also had a working Photon that I reinitalized and it had no problems and is working nicely.


Hi. I have used the new webusb setup process for both the Photon 2 and Argon devices with success. Here is a link:
Is this what you are using? If so, I believe, it can only be used in Chrome, Edge, or Opera browsers on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Chromebook. It cannot be used on phones or tablets, and cannot be used with Safari or Firefox. Also, the USB cable needs to be for made for data, not just charging.

I just now found the above link can be accessed by going through the decision tree of the
Support & Troubleshooting menu from this page:

Hope this helps!


Hi robc well that worked nicely! Although I’m not sure what version I was using. Anyway thanks again.