Blue Blinking Light still receiving error when trying to connect

I have a photon, I have it flashing blue. I open the particle app on my Android, it sees the photo and I select it in the list . . It states connecting to Photon, then after about 10 seconds I get a Error, please try running setup again after resetting your photon and putting back in blinking blue mode if needed. I follow the reset procedure and it still doesn’t work. Any help would be appreciated!

Could you try the new beta setup on ?

This requires a device with inbuilt WiFi like a laptop, tablet, …


I went to the link in Ubuntu using FireFox and it downloads the HTML file and nothing happens… Should I be using windows?

Should work on Ubuntu just as well, but I personally only used it on Windows and Chrome yet - will go to try on Raspbian and Chromium now.

Yup, Raspbian with Chromium works just fine.

Have you followed the steps on the screen?
Put the device into Listening Mode (blinking blue)
Got to your PCs WiFi settings and choose the WiFi AP exposed by the Photon (called something like PHOTON_xxxx)
Once the PCs detects that network the web page should procede to the next step

If you can post a screenshot of the page where you are stuck at, we might be able to help further

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Another check:
In which step do you get your problem?