Connector with small footprint

For a design where there is little to no space for a connector for flashing/debug, I found this, and wonder if you guys have experience with this or alternative suggestions for a small footprint connector?

I think the EC10-IDC 10-pin might fit the Particle debugger connector.

I was looking for an inexpensive and non-intrusive way adding a debugging connector and looked at that, but ended up doing something simpler and less expensive. This was for a PIC ICSP connector with added serial debugging, primarily for Adafruit FeatherWings.

I put 8 pads on the bottom of the board, between the screw holes.

The adapter has pogo pins on the top, that mate with the pads. The chip is the FT232 for the PIC serial debug output.

A standoff holds the board in place, leaving just enough room for the FeatherWing to pretty much fit on most base boards.

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Tested the EC06 (6 pin) with tag-connects own Demo PCB. Only 3 out of 6 connections where made. The keying pins did not match the footprint. The connector housing sides were warped to the sides from the manufacturer.

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