Layout help with ethernet featherwing

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So I got me a particle ethernet featherwing. I have plugged in an argon in the middle slot and an OLED featherwing in the third slot.

I am totally confused how to hook up my sensors from here! I am totally new to this. I have 3 sensors I’d like to connect to this setup :

I’d appreciate some help with how to lay this all out when using the particle argon with the ethernet featherwing as stated above. A noob confusion.


The first two sensors want to be connected to SCL/SDA (aka I2C interface) while the third one can either be connected to I2C or RX/TX (UART).

To connect them you’d just use the proto area on the EtherWing.


So remove the argon or LCD and connect the sensors to the etherwing before connecting the argon on top ? Apologies I am new to this.


You should have some experience with soldering to connect your sensors properly, but yes, it’s best to remove all removable components from the EtherWing when you want to solder in the wires you’ll be hooking up your sensor with.