Adafruit Ethernet Featherwing w/ Mesh

Good morning all! I’m wondering if anyone else here on the forum has encountered instability using an Argon with an Adafruit Ethernet Featherwing to connect to the Particle cloud. I’ve tried both the Particle and Adafruit Ethernet Featherwings on the same Argon, and while the Particle Ethernet Featherwing connects almost immediately to the cloud on startup, the Adafruit only connects about half the time.
Would love to hear anyone else’s experience with both of these.

Let me ping someone that might be able to help, @rickkas7, @ParticleD, or @mstanley are you able to assist?

There are several differences between the Adafruit Ethernet and the Particle Ethernet.

Our wing connects nRESET to D3 and nINTERRUPT to D4. The pins are there on the Adafruit board, but you’d have to wire jumper wires to use them.

And of course they’re in a different form-factor and the layout is different.

I have the Adafruit Ethernet wing and can test it after the Thanksgiving holiday if no one else has tried it by then.

Is the nRESET and nINTERRUPT hard coded in the firmware to D3 and D4 or can this be changed at a user level with a system config setting?

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The Adafruit Wing is working great with an Argon now that I’ve wired D3 and D4 to the wing with jumper wires. I didn’t previously realize those were necessary - I thought it only needed a SPI interface. If this wing works reliably, I want to use it instead of Particles due to the form factor difference even if I have to run jumper wires every time. Thank you @rickkas7

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Hello @tommy_boy,

I also need to use the Adafruit Wing as using the Particle Wing prevents Serial 2 on the Xenon from working.

May I ask you which library are you using with the Ethernet Wing?

Thank you.

Hi @Jimmie, not using any external library. I’m using the particle api library for functions such as ethernet.on() and ethernet.connect(). I haven’t played with any of this in a while but it was working flawlessly some months back. I turned before calling any ethernet functions to ensure that the argon was in fact connecting to the internet over ethernet and not Wifi.

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