Particle Ethernet Featherwing, Changing Pins

Could anyone speak to the option of changing the required pins on the mesh gateway device when using an ethernet featherwing? I’m using the Adafruit ethernet featherwing with an Argon, and specifically, I’m interested in mapping the ‘nNTERRUPT’ and ‘nRESET’ to pins on a mesh device other than D3 and D4. Are there plans to expose these pins’ assignment in a class declaration when instantiating the Ethernet.on() for example?

Not currently configurable.

Note that the nINTERRUPT and nRESET pins on the Adafruit Ethernet wing are the ones on the end and are not connected through the normal Feather footprint so you’d still need jumper wires to pass them through to an Argon/Boron/Xenon pin.

It couldn’t be configured from Ethernet.on() because the setting would need to be used even in safe mode an AUTOMATIC mode otherwise you wouldn’t be able to get online.

@rickkas7 You’re the best. Thank you for the super fast reply!
I forgot about the need to be connected in safe mode. Makes total sense. I’ll redesign a few products I have to incorporate the need for D3 and D4 to be connected. I’ll solder male header pins onto the featherwing (including those 3 off to the side like you mentioned), which will plug into female pins on a PCB.