Using Argon with Relayshield

We have been using many of the Relayshield for couple years. Recently we have been having more issues on photons loosing WIFI connectivity and we would like to go to hardwired. We evaluated the featherwing but it does not support cloud functionality. The device shows online but cant do anything. We evaluated the ethernet board with Argon and it seems to work. Is there a way to replace Argon with particle on Relayshield? It activates 4 relays using D3 to D7. The pinout for Argon and photon are not the same so can’t just replace it. Thanks in advance.

Instead of using the Particle relay shield, you should use one of the relay boards from You’ll need to make a minor code change because the relays are controlled using I2C (pins D0 and D1) instead of individual GPIO, but there’s a Particle library available.

Even though the classic adapter exists, it won’t work with both Ethernet and the relay shield because the pins conflict.


Hi Rick,
Thanks for the feedback. Actually we have already invested in relay shield boards and made our custom boxes with all other components so it will be costly and major upgrade to replace the dio boards with relay shield. We would like to just replace argon with particle on them. I am trying it out. Relay shield operates on D3 to D6 for 4 relays. I have removed particle from the board and put in argon separately. Connected D3 to D6 from argon to the relay shield board and flashed the same code that we were using to argon. But all the relays started chattering as soon as I flashed the code. Kind of wierd but need to find out what is going on.

You should be able to use the Argon in the Classic Adapter in the Particle Relay Shield.

However, it sounds like you also need Ethernet. Using the Particle Ethernet FeatherWing you need to switch several GPIO because D3, D4, and D5 are used by the Ethernet FeatherWing and cannot be reconfigured.

I suppose you could create some sort of jumper wire setup between the Ethernet Featherwing with Argon and the Photon socket in the Relay Shield. You’ll need to use different GPIO for D3, D4, and D5. You might use, for example, A0, A1, and A2, but any available GPIO would work. Then you map:

Ethernet FeatherWing Photon
A0 D3
A1 D4
A2 D5
D6 D6

And of course have your code use different GPIO when built for the Argon.

Thanks, rickkas7 for the information on D3 to D6 being shared by featherwing and it makes sense. Switched to A0 to A3 and it works. We will be switching all of them to featherwing+argon combination.

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