Relay Shield and Mesh hardware

I’m new to Particle hardware, after years of Arduino stuff…

I was wandering after quickly scrolling through your hardware : i was about to purchase a Photon and relay-board, but i’m wondering if it wouldn’t be more convenient for me to purchase a mesh-set with Wifi-control for the purpose needed.

But i also need 4 relays, and there the relayshield is best suited for me.

Can i put some kind of adapter-shield between the Mesh-board and the relay-shield, so it also can be used? Does this exist?


Yup :slight_smile:

Alternatively, you could use relay featherwings:

The adapter something i also thought about, but in the pictures i see a female to female pinout? How does it fit between the relay-shield and the processor-board? I really want to use the relay-shield, because it has 4 relays, exactly what i need, so the look of my project will be nicer… (also something to consider :slight_smile: )

already thanks for the quick response!

Not to worry :wink:

Another option is to use the ncd Feather to I2C adapter, and then any of their dozens of I2C relay boards, which are available from signal to high current and sizes from 1 to 32 relays.


This solves my problem!


thanks for the alternative, but i only need four.