Shields for the Electron

Hey there! Are there any plans to make shields specifically for the electron? Like the ones for the Photon. Particularly, the relay shield. I have a project where I need to control some lights remotely and the relay shield would work perfectly. However, the location does no have WiFi available to the Electron would work perfect there.

Check out

The relay shield should work fine with the electron if I’m not mistaken :slight_smile:

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You can use the Photon shields with the Electron - the extra pins will just hang over.
If the free dangling pins bother you, you could just have a dummy/proto board with respective headers dock onto them.

But that might be a “shield” Particle could offer as “extension board”.

@BDub, @mohit: How about that?

Thanks everyone for the replies. I was wondering if it would work and just “hang over” and you’ve confirmed that. I will check out the ControlEverything too.

Thanks again! :smile:

This has been an issue for me in the past, cuz using the (photon based) Shield doesn’t really solve all the I/O connectivity I needed.

The best fit was the ‘Electron shield’ used on the “Solar Kit”, but it is said to be discontinued. Bummer!
This is very unfortunate I have to say…why isn’t not providing the shield is still a mystery to me!

Anyway, and after some extensive research on the web, I did also come across this vendor who carries the following product:

"Particle Electron I2C Shield with Screw Terminals and 2 Amp Power Supply"

Despite a bit of an overkill (screws) and a lack of proto area, I must say that it has been so far a fantastic platform for quick prototyping with my “Electron”


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