From Prototype -> Production Question

I was wondering what people were doing to interface a photon or electron to external wiring after the prototyping is complete. On my project, I’m controlling a few relays and while it works just fine using a breadboard and wire jumpers, I do not think it’ll be sturdy enough to put in the field. I’m curious how others are addressing this concern.

Have you taken a look at the Particle relay shield? That’s pretty much exactly how you’d take that into production. Either use female headers to accommodate the photon, through-hole solder it, or SMD solder it. All that on a (preferably custom) PCB that has either your external components or has decent connectors to which you could hook them up.

Yes I did - while I’m doing much of the DEV work on a photon, the production device will use an electron. Unless I just missed it, the relay shield would be for a photon/core, not electron. So I should have said I was looking for an electron specific shield type thing.

Thank you has Electron shields with varying numbers of FETs, solid state relays, signal relays, or high power relays.

But the general idea of the Photon Relay Shield would be easily scaled for the Electron.
I guess this was what @Moors7 might have had in mind when he said

Not to take the shield, but do it the way how it’s done on the Relay Shield.

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The relay shield was for reference only (though you could still stick an electron in there, there’d just be some pins dangling off). In general, when designing a product, you usually create a PCB which does the exact thing you need it to do, in a way that’s most convenient. If you don’t feel like doing this yourself, then you can go with store-bought solutions, though they’re probably not as flexible and most likely more expensive.


Understood - My mistake. I appreciate the help.

Thank you for the pointer - didn’t know the site existed. They have some nifty stuff!

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They have great stuff and release more almost weekly, sample code may lag a little but they normal answer question quickly.

One recommendation would be to consider purchasing the electron version of the products when available, everything that I have bought for the electron so far also works with the photon (i.e current monitors, relays and screw shields).