Advice on creating custom Photon sheilds

Anyone have a guide or suggestions on getting custom Photon shields created?

If you could give us some more details on what it is you require, we might be able to help you out. There’s isn’t an ‘official’ path to make shields, but several community members have already done so and should be able to assist.

Am hoping to get a shield created that an electron can plug directly into. The shield would be mountable in an enclosure and have specific port to plug in a bunch of temp sensors, a pulse meter, a CT, etc. Essentially make it easy to take an electron, mount on the shield, and have something that can be made quickly into a remote controller. Am working on getting the breadboard version working. Thanks

And you want someone to do this for you, or are you looking for tips on how to go about something like that yourself? If the latter is the case, I’d suggest downloading Eagle and playing around with it for a bit. For cheap PCBs, there’s which are quite good despite the name :wink:

Looking to find someone and get an idea on costs for developing the solution.