Using Electron with Sparkfun Weather Shield

Is this possible? Are the code modifications easy?

I would like to record temperature and humidity in a location that may not have WiFi access. For others on this forum, there may be interest in putting weather stations in semi-remote areas.

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The Electron has the same CPU as a Photon, and the HAL (hardware abstraction layer) should make working over cellular the same as working over wifi. You’ll want to be more data-conscious, of course, but the code should be the same. However, the pinouts aren’t exactly the same. There are a handful of extra pins below D0 and A0 that may make it incompatible. I’m currently in a darkened room and can’t make out labels on the extra pins, but I’ll double-check once I can see them again. It’s possible that the Electron can fit on a regular shield with the extra pins hanging off. I’ll check that as well in a couple of hours!

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking: having the extra pins hang off. It’s pretty easy to make it send data every 10 minutes or every hour instead of the default 50 seconds. I’m also comfortable changing pin names in the code, just hoping to avoid low-level commands or rewriting a library. Thanks for the reply and curious to hear more.

It fits on the programmer shield! The pinouts seem to be the same, too.


I just spent sometime today playing with the Electron in the SparkFun Weather shield trying to connect to Weather underground . It does work. I switched to a Photon with the same code* and it works just fine connecting over a WiFi link.


*I used the Photon weather underground code found on the SparkFun site. Take the sleep ommand out and substitute a delay to play with the code. I had to use the CLI mode to load new firmware because of the sleep mode!