Compatibility Electron and Photon

I have Photon application running where I am using the hotspot of a redundant, old iPhone (5) as a continuous available WiFi network (there is no regular WiFi network in the somewhat remote green-house where I use this). However, that is not running very satisfactory.
So I am considering now to use an Electron instead.

I just want to make sure that I have understood the particle documentation correctly:

  1. Is my understanding correct that the vast majority of my application SW will also run on Electron and that I will only have to adapt the network related stuff???
  2. Is my understanding correct that the Electron hardware is also “pin-compatible” with Photon with of course the exeption of pins B0-B5 and C0-C5? That would of course make it very easy to replace the current Photon with an Electron on the very same PCB
  3. I suppose that energy consumption of one Electron running 3G will be less than one Photon-plus-one iPhone-with-permanent-Hotspot??? Anyone has any experience with this???
  4. Are there any other specific things that I should take into account when swopping Photon by Electron???
    Thnks for your advices!

Well written software will usually do just fine without alteration. However, you may have to consider your data consumption and how to streamline.

Most likely, yes. I assume an iPhone pulls significant power and the Electron would be less. Make sure you have a power source that can accommodate the peak current demands which may be higher with the Electron.