Is using a Photon (WI-FI) with Electron(GSM) as backup possible

Is there a way to use a Photon as the primary device using Wi-Fi and when Wi-Fi or local power is not available automatically switching to a battery powered Electron?

How can this be accomplished with both running the same APP?

Or can Wi-Fi be added to a Electron?

Open for ideas. Thanks.

That sure is possible in multiple ways.

A simple one:
You can have the “same” code flashed to both devices and have the Electron sleep while the Photon runs.
Once the Photon loses WiFi connection just wake the Electron via a dedicated Photon pin.


Hello @ScruffR. I have a similar application but was looking for an alternate solution: Is there any 3rd party GSM modules that can be added to the photon easily or 3rd party wifi modules that can be added to the electron easily to allow either of them the capability of having both gsm and wifi capabilites? So that i can avoid purchasing 2 controllers.

If you add a 3rd party radio module, you may be able to do some TCP/UDP communication, but not via the standard APIs but some extra TCP/UDP stack in application code and the Particle cloud communication would still only be supported by the in-built radio.

Do you know any modules that make the process simpler or that are compatible with particle photon? Also, in your experience, would it be easier to add wifi to the electron or easier to add gsm to the photon ?

I haven’t really payed much thought to that scenario but my first try would be adding an ESP8266 or ESP32 to add WiFi to an Electron.