Photon + SIM800 (Wifi + GSM Backup)

Hi everyone.
Somebody ever try to use particle function, with out WIFI over gsm board like SIM800 (Adafruit fona or something like that).

The case, is power out, or AP (Internet) out, and using a Power brick and gsm modem to stay connected.


@Fracoro, that’s called an Electron!

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Hi @peekay123!, yes i know ; )

But we have a bunch of photon and we want to know it with a simple upgrade, we can use them.

Also, is just in case of emergency! With a 3rd party sim, with out contract we can solve this.

Yes, you can use the Photon to communicate with the Fona Modules via AT commands the same way they use an Arduino to communicate with the Fona.

You’re going to have to see if you can get an Arduino library for the Fona working with a Photon to get it working.

There is a guy on here using a Photon and Fona to modernize an old phone that may have some code you can use? Search the forum.

@RWB Thanks for the feedback.
I saw that post, but I think they are using FONA for the CALL function via AT commands.
I was thinking about using Particle.Publish(), without WIFI, using somehow the SIM800 as a gateway.

What you guys think about this?

I don’t think that would be worth the effort considering the Electron exist and allows this already.

Even if you have extra Fona’s laying around, it does not make sense to try to reinvent the wheel.

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