Electron as a GSM modem

We recently built a project using the fona from adafruit. We needed to change modules. We just want to use the Electron as a gsm modem. Fona used PPP. Is this possible ??? We set it up with a Tmobile sim and the light is cyan but have no clue from there. Can anyone shed some light on this.

@lost, this is your second post on this topic. The Electron is not designed to be a GSM modem and doesn’t support PPP. It is designed to be the entire MCU/GSM/Cloud connected platform, not a modem.

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I appreciate you answering our question. That is quite disappointing. I am really confused by the description listed on the purchasing site.

@lost, the main site says:

Particle is a full-stack IoT device platform.
Particle includes everything you need to deploy an IoT product: a device cloud platform, connectivity hardware, and even SIMs for cellular products.

You may have missed this.

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