Cellular Interface to Raspberry Pi

Is it possible to utilize Particle’s cellular platform with the Raspberry Pi?

I know cellular is not built in, but is anyone familiar with a cellular modem that could enable the Raspberry Pi on Particle’s cellular platform?

Are you asking if a Raspberry Pi can have 3G?

This page describes how to use a 3G modem (dongle) with a Raspberry Pi:

Only problem would be that a Raspberry Pi would use too much data for the Particle Plan.

Sixfab (i believe still in kickstarter phase) offers wide communication sheilds for Raspberry Pi platform.
For cellular they have few options like GPRS, 3g and LTE shields. It seems they’ll work fine with all models of Raspberry pi.


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So can this not be used as just a GSM modem ??? This will be really disappointing if we can not use it as such …
We are using the electron.

@lost, not sure what you mean by “this” being used as a GSM modem. Can you elaborate?

So we were using a gsm module to connect to the internet using a raspberry pi. We want to do the same thing with electron. Is this possible. Our last module just used PPP to connect but we can no longer use that module bc it is being discontinued.

I answered you on the other post.

Double posting isn’t appreciated, since it ties up resources on multiple frontiers.
I’ve added the link to the mentioned other post above.

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