Is it possible to use a pocket wifi with Photon?

I have a pocket wifi which can also be used as wired by connecting computer via micro USB.
Pocket wifi has a dhcp running on it.

I wonder if I can use pocket wifi as it’s or wired via micro USB so that I won’t need to use Electron?

I also think, if it’s possible to use via USB, then I will have to think how to power source Photon, as USB will be used by pocket wifi. I assume one solution is to use a solar panel (which seems to be sold only in Solar Kit). Any other thoughts?

Or I can connect to Photon via wifi (as it has built-in wifi) and leave USB port for power.

The idea is to send data over pocket wifi (which has 7G data plan).

The approach to use the the pocket wifi wirelessly for the Photon will work well :smile:

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