Portable wifi for photon?

Hi all!
I’m going to be bringing my 3 photons to an area that has spotty wifi, so I’m looking into getting a portable wifi device that I can connect them to. I want to make sure I get something that has a strong enough signal to keep them connected.
Any suggestions are welcome! I’m really in over my head with all of this.
Thank you!

Is this temporary, like a trade show, somewhere you could use your phones hotspot? Or are you looking for a more permanent solution?

Use external antennas for the longest range and best signal between the hotspot & Photon.

It’s going to have to exist for about 2 weeks in the space, so I wouldn’t be able to use my phone (unless I bought a phone just for that purpose? Which, if it’s a cheaper option I’d be willing to do).

Something like this may be your best option, if wifi is required (aka can’t use an electron). Look into the best carriers in the area to find out who will give you the best signal.

Also, most phone hotspot apps limit the number of wifi connections to 10 devices at the same time max. So if you need more than 10 simultaneous connections a phone will usually not allow that.