Connect multiple photon to a smart phone via wifi


I am just wondering if it is possible to connect multiple photon to a smart phone via wifi, with no Internet support and Particle cloud support. The purpose is to gather data from all the Photon to the smart phone in (almost) real time.

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It seems that I can either:

  1. Use one of the Photon as an AP, and all the other Photon and the smart phone connects to this AP. But someone mentioned that with the softAP, one Photon can only talk to another one at the same time.
  2. Use the smart phone as the AP, and all the Photon connect to it. I haven’t seen anyone did this before and do know if it would be actually possible.

I would appreciate it if anyone could kindly give me some suggestions on it.

Thanks in advance!

  1. should work, its a quite common solution when you need to demo your project somewhere else, instead of relying on them having a wifi that does not block the coap tcp port photon uses.

Internet or no internet is just a matter of using the correct operating mode, ie. not automatic.

You’re referring to using it as a hotspot I think, whereas @lethic would like to set up a direct connection to the Photon, accessing it through the SoftAP(?)
I don’t think that’s currently supported, but it’s something that’s being looked into, possibly for the future. @mdma should be able to tell you more about this, and whether or not it’s a realistic scenario.

Hmm, I read it as 2 distinct options, 1) is photon ap, 2) is mobile phone ap

Not sure if all phones will keep the AP up if theres no mobile network though.