Communicating between 2 photons with softAP

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Quick and simple question, is it possible to set up a connection between to photons using softAP? I read other threads on the forum regarding the softAp but could not get to a conclusion.

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Vitor Henrique

I need an answer to this question also.
Have you gotten any information regarding this topic @vitormhenrique ?

@tacocube I still don’t have an answer to that.

This will be possible later in the year, but not at present.

Please see these related threads:

Is there any update on this? Can I connect and transmit data between 2 photons without the presence of an external WiFi router? If so, do you know of any sample code that can help me get started?

Any info on this question? I am also very interested in any comms possible between two photons, excluding the cloud and excluding the wifi router if at all possible. Thanks :smile:


My use case is even easier: always providing the photon softap ssid and API, no matter what the photon’s ‘client’ wifi status is (connecting, wrong credentials, listening, etc).

At the moment you have to wait for it to go listening mode.

It would need some photon side code call if the photon was actually connected to prevent folk connecting to the softap ssid and trying to hijack the device. Possibly even pull an auth key from flash if it exists for validation. That makes it easy to initially setup (it’s blank by default, populated if that was part of the vendors setup process) and anyone connecting to softap afterwards has to supply the validation pin.