Mobile / Remote Location Communication Options To Photon (WiFi Direct / Soft AP / Bluetooth)

Afternoon Photonators!

Alot of you as I understand it are interested in ways to connect to your various particle products via an app directly rather than through a WiFi router (which works really great for development).

But how do we get the Photon into the outdoors and into the wild away from fancy wireless routers?

I understand the WICED is capable of quite a bit (WiFi Direct / Soft AP / Bluetooth) as has been discusssed here:

@mdma I understand you and the particle team are moving at a break neck pace trying to resolve issues and that these items are very high on your priority list, maybe there’s a way to get the community involved by posting some messy spaghetti-esqe code prototypes which we collectively can help you refine and test?

For my my companies application getting ‘remote’ communication will be a make or break feature. I understand that a few others in the community are also interested in these features. I’m sure that all together we can nail this. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Looks like AP Mode is scheduled for a 0.6 Firmware Release… would love to see this sooner