Photon as an access point

Hi - Is it possible to make the Photon a WiFi Access Point (also called WiFi Direct or a WiFi Hotspot) that other devices can connect to?

I saw a thread here back in May 2015 saying this was being added but I don’t see any mention of it in the documentation and can’t find any other articles describing how to do this. The Photon reference documentation mentions Soft AccessPoint HTTP pages but I think that’s different.

This is a key requirement for the product I’m building. I’m evaluating Photon against another WiFi chip, the ATWINC1500, that has this capability. Please let me know if Photon supports this.

Thank you!

Hey there! We still don’t currently support Wi-Fi direct, although development on the feature has been started. I can’t commit to a timeline yet because we’re prioritizing development in other areas, but I would expect for it to be finished sometime in Q3 2016.

Thanks for the info Will. It’s great to hear that it’s on the roadmap and I hope it comes out soon.